Friday, 15 February 2013 10:36

Participatory needs assessment via project management workshop: A model for community engagement in East Sudan

Context:    University-Community Partnership Project (UCPP) is a three year (2011 - 2014) partnership between University of Medical Sciences and Technology, University of Kassala and Makali village in eastern Sudan. The village was chosen because of their readiness, ability and willingness to formulate a mutual partnership with the two universities

Objectives:    To build the capacity of 27 inhabitants via a project management workshop to identify, assess and prioritize their needs and to let them find local solutions and design interventions addressing their social determinants of health as part of the UCPP

Design:    The moderator held an introduction course in project management, coordinated the group work and conducted focused group discussions. By discussing with their friends in their social networks, family and each other, the participants identified local issues. After a scoring process they prioritized the issues and came up with project proposals.

Main Outcomes:  They identified 35 issues in their village, prioritized 7 of them, and developed 6 proposals. Some project proposals were feasible even without funding, for example home based religious school for women held by women to address illiteracy. Through skills building workshops, the participatory needs assessment and involving participants' friends and families, the community is engaged and empowered.

Conclusion:  The community can address other issues, creating its own solutions, and make its own changes, which makes the community less dependent.

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  • Author(s): Svan Astrom T, Elmusharaf K, Victor F, Ahmed A
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