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Mama is a researcher, evaluator, and change agent: MamaREC

Background: University-Community Partnership Project (UCPP) is a three years (2011- 2014) partnership between University of Medical Sciences and Technology, University of Kassala and Makali village in eastern Sudan. Understanding beliefs, practices, and needs of the women in Makali from their perspective is crucial for its sustainable development.

Objectives: To build the capacity of marginalized women with no formal education to become qualitative researchers, program monitors and evaluators and change agents.

Design: Ten women were recruited through the village leaders. They trained through a participatory ethnographic training workshop to be qualitative researchers. They went back to their villages and each of the ten women formed a women group (between 8-10 women) from her social network, and led by herself the discussions on issues related to maternal, child, and nutritional health in their community. After that the research team visited each woman and conducted with her debriefing sessions to document the information collected.  Then a participatory data analysis workshop was conducted.

Outcome: This approach encourages about 100 women in the village to discuss reproductive health issues from their own perspective.  The women groups will continue to meet regularly after data collection to empower the women to have a voice in their community to express their needs. The information derived informed the development of community interventions, clinical services, health outreach and communication, as well as empowered the women to express their needs. Monitoring and evaluation of these interventions will be conducted through these ten women and their groups.

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  • Author(s): Khalifa Elmusharaf, Meghan Bohren, Amal Khalil, Ayat Abu Agla, Amjad Farah, Amani Abdelhamid
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