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Reproductive health & rights in post conflict settings

Background: Over the years, a human rights based approach to reproductive health has evolved which emphasizes the right to health, to have children by choice and to have a satisfying sexual and reproductive life. Sexual and reproductive health and rights are important for everyone especially in situations of conflict when women are exposed to increased levels of violence, lack of security and poor access to safe medical health services.

Objective: To measure the impact of reproductive rights violations on reproductive health in post conflict settings.

Methodology: An analytical cross sectional study design was used and 381 women in their reproductive age were interviewed in Renk, South Sudan from May 2010-April 2011.

Results: The mean age of the women was (28.3) years and (93.7%) were married. (58%) were Muslims and (55.6%) belonged to Southern tribes. About (70%) had some kind of formal education and only (19%) were employed. The results revealed that the magnitude of reproductive rights violations was (48.5%) and there was a significant effect on maternal health. 

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  • Author(s): Abdalla M , Elmusharaf K
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