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Positive role of men in maternal health in post conflict South Sudan Featured

Objectives: To identify the positive role that men can play in maternal health.

Method: A qualitative exploratory approach was used through 6 focus group discussions and 10 in-depth interviews with men and women.

Results: Within the context of South Sudan, men are the main providers. They tend to get the money and head the households and hold decision-making powers. During pregnancy, men recognize the need to seek professional health care when needed. They realize that a man's most important role is being a father and hence make sure the wife gives birth to healthy children. Men recognize that maternal health during pregnancy is ensured through providing nutritious food, decreasing the woman's housework and seeking care promptly if there are any complaints. Husbands take their wives to antenatal care either in clinic or hospital. During labor, husbands were caring and supporting their wives in accessing the services as early as possible.

Conclusions: Although men were blamed for being part of the problem, men in South Sudan have a potentially positive role in maternal health as they “watch over” their wives and put them as their priority. Therefore, they should be targeted and engaged when developing strategies for improving maternal health.

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  • Author(s): A. Khalil, K. Elmusharaf, H. Mekki
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