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Determination of the effect of female genital mutilation on the efficiency of the vaginal drugs April - May 2008

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OBJECTIVES:To determine the effect of the FGM on the vaginal drug application.

METHODOLOGY:a specifically designed questionnaire used 

Sample size70

Study AreaAcademy Charity Teaching Hospital 

ResultIn this study the reporting rate of vaginal infection was found to be 44.3% with the variety from being mild, moderate or severe with the experience of discharge, itching, bad smell, or redness. Furthermore, most of these 44.3 women were having sever infection due to the fact that they were ignoring their condition until it got worse or they preferred to try the alternative medicine as a first step.


Article Details

  • Author(s): Eman Ahmed Homeida
  • Institute: University of Medical Sciences & Technology
  • Supervisor: Dr Atif Fazari
  • Faculty: Medicine
  • Batch: 5
  • Study Design: Cross Sectional
  • Research Type: Health Institution Based
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