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The prevalence and the complications of female genital mutilation in the Catchment's Area of the ACTH in KRT. in June - Apr. 2005

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OBJECTIVES:To identify the prevalence and complications of female genital mutilation in academy charity hospital.


METHODOLOGY:a specifically designed questionnaire used 


Sample size100


Study AreaAcademy Charity Teaching Hospital 

RESULTS:The descriptive statistics shows that the mean age of circumcised female is 33 years old.75% of female arrived to ACTH were circumcised,45% of the m were from the north tribes. Most of them were married. 

Regarding the early complications 26.7% of circumcised female suffered from infections or abscess and bleeding at the site of circumcision. However 29% had acute retention of urine. On the other hand there are many late complications 22.7% of circumcised complained from difficulties with voiding. Moreover 52% had painful micturition. Only 10.7% of circumcised had retention of urine while 81% suffered from dysmenorrhea in addition to that 54.7% complained if recurrent UTI

About 78.7% experienced difficulties at first intercourse. Also 41% had superficial dyspareunia. 24% had keloid formation and about 25% of them suffered pupural pyrexia. Only 12% had god inclusion cyst


CONCLUSION:75% of female in the catchment area of ACTCH are circumcised, the average age of circumcised female is 32 year old. In addition northern tribes have the highest percentage while the Ethiopian tribes come in the last place. Also the majority of them are married.

Regarding early complications which they are; infection, bleeding at site of circumcision & acute urine retention. About third of the circumcised suffer from them. However there were many late complications almost all of women complained of difficulties at the first intercourse, also more than half of them suffered painful micturition & recurrent UTI.

Furthermore quarter of the circumcised female had formed Keloid& puerperal pyrexia. Few of them have got inclusion-cyst.

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  • Author(s): Abeer Abdel Haleem Hasenin Yousif
  • Institute: University of Medical Sciences & Technology
  • Supervisor: Dr. Ahmed Shiddo
  • Gender of Student: Female
  • Faculty: Medicine
  • Study Design: Cross Sectional
  • Research Type: Community Based
  • Clinical Topic: Gynaecology
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