Phase 1: Create Partnership 11.01.2011 12:00 Done
Phase 2: Pre-implementation 5.01.2012 12:00 Done
Phase 3: Implementation 5.01.2015 12:00
Phase 4: Independent Community 5.01.2016 12:00

  • The University Community Partnership Project (UCPP) is a partnership between a vulnerable community and the University of Medical Sciences and Technology (UMST), with the aim of improving health through influencing social determinants. The focus of this program is to advance reproductive and child health, by addressing maternal mortality, under-five and infant mortality, childhood immunization, and female literacy.UMST has collaborated with the University of Kassala and Makali village in eastern Sudan to develop a professional partnership to address maternal and child health issues. The University-Community Partnership Project (UCPP) will foster interdisciplinary interaction amongst local and national stakeholders to improve maternal and child health. Involving the community, empowering women through the formation of women groups, and encouraging stakeholders to focus on both supply and demand side barriers to health will foster the development of Makali village. Working with the community to gain a comprehensive understanding of the local needs and socio-cultural behaviours is essential for developing sustainable interventions for Makali village. These interventions will be designed based on the results of a baseline demographic and health survey conducted in November 2011.Throughout the proposed three years of the UCPP, Makali village will develop into an independent community, and will sustain this development with limited outside assistance. The successes and lessons learned from the UCPP will be thoroughly documented, and will also act as an inspiration to other institutions and communities for future development projects.

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