• Rebuilding reproductive and child health systems in all settings is critical to long termsustainable health and the overall well-being of a country. It is important for the Health System, NGO’s, development professionals and health care workers to make this issue a top priority.

    The driving force behind such an initiative is that policy makers require reliable evidence to makeeffective and informed decisions. Research, if correctly framed and disseminated, can provide thatevidence. Our claim is that if researchers are enabled to produce the evidence and have thecapacity, skills and the resources to do the research, then evidence based health systems decisionsand policies are more likely to take place.

    The RCRU offers several internships, research assisstantships and training programs to invidividuals and groups interested in reproductive and child health which provide the intern with a "real life" experience in short-term commitment. You might as well get the opportunity to participate in local and international conferences.

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